Love It Or Leave It Guarantee

Most homebuyers don't take the time to interview real estate agents; they just take their chances on meeting an agent in an open house or over the phone.

An easy, hassle free 30-minute interview will tell you if you want to deal with Kai Associates. During this time you will learn about our Smart Buyer Program, which includes the LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE. Find out:

  • Why Kai Associates can save buyers hundreds of dollars on fees.
  • How Kai Associates can save buyers thousands in mortgage payments.
  • Why Kai Associates buyers look at their convenience.
  • How Kai Associates buyers find out about the homes that meet their needs before anyone else.
  • Why Kai Associates buyers have a "LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE".
  • How Kai Associates buyers avoid the 8 most common mistakes made by homebuyers.
  • Why Kai Associates negotiation experience could save you thousands!
  • Why 84% of Kai Associates business is repeat and referral business.
  • Why Kai Associates will provide a thorough market analysis for every home that our buyers have an interest in.


I encourage you to meet with us at our office for a 30-minute visit. Often, you can determine in a short meeting what you could never decide on the phone or via e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon!